World Premiere with Juventas New Music Ensemble on December 11, 2021.

Evolution 1

Performed by the MIVOS Quartet at Boston University.

La Ola

La Ola by J. A. J. Sedarski is a musical portrait of the what happens in a tsunami. Performed by Sound Icon at Boston University with the Center of New Music at Boston University.

Variants for Orchestra

An orchestral expansion of one of the first pieces I composed from my childhood. Video can be found here on YouTube.

Waltz No. 3

An homage to one of my favorite composers, Chopin


An album of unreleased recordings and improvisations that are perfectly imperfect.

Behind the Universe

World Premier by the Juventas New Music Ensemble March 20, 2021.

Between Speech

Student reading recording done by MIVOS Quartet.

Wading in the Water

The first album of J. A. J. Sedarski exploring and imitating the compositional style from his first years composing as a young musician. Now Streaming.

Wading in the Water– Live

The live performance of Wading in the Water from TikTok Live. Includes the first published recording of Esther (Valz) by Luis Rice, great-grandfather of J. A. J. Sedarski.


Assignments #1 and #2 for two pianos. Performed at the fall 2019 Composer’s concert. Performed by Barret Yueh and Saejin Yoo.

I don’t really know what this is. Kinda makes you think, why did i do this?
Composed by J. A. J. Sedarski
Performed by J. A. J. Sedarski

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