Behind the Universe

A chamber work for string quintet.

Wading in the Water

The first album of J. A. J. Sedarski exploring and imitating the compositional style from his first years composing as a young musician.

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J. A. J. Sedarski 2019-

Portfolio of music composed from the year 2019 and onward.

Scrolling Tiktok

I. Have you fucking noticed God in my name?

II. I’m here to tell you right now, if the world was ending, my strength, potatoes.

III. Hey yo, if this is I’m Ron Swanson. What?

IV. Mom, you know, ~hello~

Ever thought what it would sound like to have music made from scrolling on tiktok? Yeah, me neither.

Scrolling Tiktok aims to demonstrate the ‘young’ sounds by compiling familiar sounds from the platform into sound pieces.

In Times of Trouble

I. Revelation 21:3-4

II. John 16: 33

In the face of Covid-19, In Times of Trouble attempts to offer hope in the face of hopelessness and suffering. For solo soprano and choir accompaniment.

Why did i do this

Piece of performance art composed by J. A. J. Sedarski. Very DADA.


For two pianos.

Variants for Orchestra

For orchestra. Winner of the 2020 Composer Competition for Performance with Orchestra at Boston University.

Wedding March

Piano work composed for the wedding of Christian and Victoria Sedarski.

Fire and Ice

Baritone art song based off of the poetry of Robert Frost.

What is man that You are mindful of Him?

For SATB choir.

Between Speech

For string quartet.

Mi Alma

Soprano art song. Composed for Las Madres de la Plaza.

Gradus ad Paradisum

For string quartet.

Did I solicit Thee?

For chamber orchestra.

Her Name Was Emily

For TTBB choir.