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Threnody (2023)

La Ola (2021)

Variants for Orchestra (2019)

Did I Solicit Thee? (2019)


Behind the Universe (2021), for string quintet

Assignments for Two Pianos (2019), for two pianos

Between Speech (2021), for string quartet

Gradus ad Paradisum (2019), for string quartet

Promesa (2021), for soprano and string quartet

Evolution 1 (2022), for string quartet


Scrolling Tiktok (2020)

A Dream (2020)


In Times of Trouble (2020), for SATB with divisi

Why Did I Do This (2020) for any four voices

Fire and Ice (2020), for baritone and piano

What is Man that You are Mindful of Him (2019), for SATB

Mi Alma (2020), for soprano and piano

Her Name was Emily (2020), for TTBB

Solo Piano

Wading in the Water (2020)

Wedding March (2019)

(im)perfections (2021)

Waltz No. 3 (2021)

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